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MBA Businesseering

Make the best of existing business models and design new ones

Be recongized as an economic player committed to change, thanks to new styles of management and leadership

Become a manager of managers able to implement research breakthroughs in your team.



Global crises follow one another at an unprecedented pace jeopardizing the world’s economic stability through successive interlocking commotions: financial crises, debt crises, and competitiveness crises due to the emergence of new economic powers. Also, political unrest is spreading too, and numerous countries are calling into question the existing governing systems, particularly in Northern Africa, and the Middle East.

The difficulties of the European integration policy and the problems regarding the common currency add to the complexity of the constraints that weigh heavily on businesses’ strategies.

Moreover, the Internet revolution in Management and Marketing is disrupting the management and organization styles of the economic agents.

Therefore, in the midst of an economic crisis, while consumption is, at its best, slack, e-commerce is riding high on a double digit growth.

Should we just wait and see and witness the destruction of our economic agents, as well as those of our businesses, by staying put; or should we, in the midst of the current storm, look for new opportunities?

Designing new Business Models, facilitating their emergence in today’s organizations and businesses, and guaranteeing them the best chance to succeed by defining management models adapted to our time, to the current economic system and to the economic agents and compatible to ethics as well; such is the ambition of the MBA of IDRAC: “Businesseering: engineering new business models” intended for offering businesses and managers the opportunity to prepare their new Business Models and secure their economic future.

Bertrand Mory


Language of instruction : English

Type : Full-time or Part-time

Duration : 500 hours. 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time


Participants : International and French students

  • Under graduate candidates with minimum 5 years of experience in management
  • Businesseering Certificate holders with a minimum 4 years of experience in management
  • Possibilities for other professionals depending on their experience and responsibilities

Intakes : September




Cluster 1: Personal Development as Change Actor

  • Competencies in Research (Manager as Researcher)
  • Develop a Personal & Professional Project (Managing Managers)
  • Manager as a Coach (Leadership for Change & Coaching U)
  • Lead and Manage in a Virtual World

Cluster 2: Resources to Change

  • Reinventing Purchasing and Logistics
  • Imagine New HR Modes (Internal & External Resources)
  • Designing New Information Systems (Theory and Practice)
  • Designing Contractual Architecture for New Business Models
  • Governance & Management System


Cluster 3: Business Models’ Evolution

  • Demonstrate Good Knowledge of Existing Business Models
  • Develop Business Plans as Scenarios
  • Economics & New Business Models (forecasting)
  • Designing New Business Models (creativity)
  • Transfer New Business Models


Cluster 4: Detect, Decode & Influence the Changes

  • Conferences in Geopolitics
  • Discover new « www” users (Intercultural Virtual Management & the New “www” Consumer )
  • Creating Innovation Environment
  • Stakeholders’ Dimension in Business Models Construction and Management
  • A New Way of Managing Teams With Influence (Ethics & Social Responsibilities)



The tuition fees for the Bachelor in Marketing and Business Management at IDRAC Business School are:

  • EU : 13.500€
  • Non EU : 14.500€  - Scholarship available



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