About Nantes

The Nantes campus of IDRAC Business School is part of the Saumonières Campus: a green environment, 1200m² technology-adapted facilities. 

The Nantes campus of IDRAC Business School is located on the Ile de Nantes, a newly renovated and vibrant Business district.

Nantes is situated at the mouth of the Loire, the longest French river known for his gorgeousChateaux de la Loire. This region is not far from Brittany and the biggest European beaches. Vibrant city open to the world it is a perfect match for nature, history, and culture lover.



  • Cultural events throughout the year (concerts, arts, etc…)
  • Close to the ocean
  • Les machines de l’île (amusement park)
  • Close to Brittany
  • Home to the most famous French biscuit (le petit beurre)
  • Marine culture
  • Jules Verne Museum


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