About Nantes

The new Nantes campus is based on interactivity and creativity, promoting the development of alternative pedagogies. With a surface area of ​​4,000 m2, the building has infrastructure enabling the 1,000 students who will eventually study there to carry out their studies in optimal conditions:

  • modular classrooms,
  • business incubator,
  • learning labs,
  • co-working space,
  • computer rooms,
  • catering area,
  • shared work and living spaces.

The layout has been designed to make life easier for students by offering spaces adapted to their needs, all in an environment where innovation takes precedence in new forms of work and collaborative learning.


The city is situated at the mouth of the Loire, the longest French river renowned for its gorgeous castles (Chateaux de la Loire).

Vibrant city open to the world, Nantes is an ideal match for history and culture lovers as well as for nature enthusiasts.
What’s more, the region is not far from beautiful Brittany and the biggest European beaches.



  • Cultural events throughout the year (concerts, art…)
  • Close to the ocean
  • Les Machines de l’île (amusement park)
  • Home of the most famous French biscuit “Le PetitBeurre”
  • Marine culture
  • Jules VerneMuseum


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